1997 Subaru SVX




This is my daily driver. What a fun ride! I just completed a round trip run from Houston to Memphis is style and comfort. Oh and with a little bit of speed too. ;-)

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My '97 SVX

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  • SVX X2
    My '97 daily driver with more smiles per mile - 04-10-2016
    This particular car has been a workhorse for me in my daily commutes. It is a blast to drive. I get a lot of thumbs up, or what the heck is that? I just completed a round trip from Houston to Memphis and back with speed and comfort. It has been extremely reliable for a 20 year old car.
    • Pros: Fun to drive, immediate conversation starter, comfortable, fast (not quick), unique
    • Cons: 20 years old, parts can be a problem
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