Hi there I’m new to all of this so some clarification and advice, or point me I. The direction where I can find some things, that would be much appreciated! I got this legacy a year or two ago and I’ve done a few things to it since, but I’m at a standstill because I got into a fender bender where the airbags deployed. The bumper cage needs to be fixed/replaced, I need a new set of tires, a new hood, I have a replacement steering wheel, I just need to get a hub adapter because it’s a quick release from another car I have, and I have been having a hard time locating an airbag delete tray for the dashboard, if even possible. It’s a man made lift on it so I’m using 2003 Subaru Outback quick struts and another about 3 inch spacer above the struts, and 2003 wrx seats.

PS. If anyone has a CLUE on how to get a CB radio to work that would help too. There’s been one in the car since I got it but I have no idea.
Thank you in advance!

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