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Thread: AWD light

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    AWD light

    I have a 2005 Outback and this Warning Light is on.

    How do I solve the problem?

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    Re: AWD light

    @elad976 did you try to reset it by disconnecting the battery?
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    Re: AWD light

    Also faced this problem, the bigger issue was that I was on the road at night in the middle of nowhere and it gave me a really big scare to be fair.

    I took it as karma to be fair cause just before I left from home one of my boys got me an emergency flashlight type of thing.

    This one to be more exact and I laughed that I wouldn't have where to use it.

    Well, it came in great use when I stoped to look at the car and also to amke it visible on the side of the road until some mechanics that I called came.

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    Re: AWD light

    Oh, I had the same issue and couldn't turn the warning lights off for like a month, and it was so overwhelming and disturbing. I watched several Youtube videos, but none helped. Then, I decided to get some external help and went to the closest auto repair shop. They diagnosed what was going wrong with my car, and they basically restarted the engine, disconnected the battery, and reconnected it back. So, maybe try doing this. By the way, I'd like to install some car interior LED lights, and the only accessible ones I found were these . Does anyone know where I could find LED lights for cars?

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