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Thread: How do I make this car into a truck?

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    How do I make this car into a truck?

    Yeah it's a bit of a clickbait title :P

    I use my 96 legacy wagon LS 2.2 as my daily/work car, and I carry a fair amount of tools and stuff around (not more than maybe 300lbs), which makes the rear sag a lot, more than the typical saggy rear. My shocks are all bad, and I've been deliberating about what to do for a couple weeks. I thought I'd make a thread and ask.

    So if my car sags because I've got too much weight in it, the cure for that would be stiffer springs in the rear, right? Along with replacing the shocks of course.

    The shocks I'm planning on going with are KYB GR-2's, and I can get all four of them for $250 shipped from Rockauto.

    Where might I get some springs that preserve stock suspension geometry, but are stiffer?

    Instead of buying springs and shocks, I could go for a budget set of coilovers, namely Raceland WRX GD Ultimo, which advertise a spring rate of 505/315, which should be about twice as stiff as stock. If I get those coilovers, can I keep stock ride height? I do not want to lower my car at all. If I was going to change that, I'd raise it, but that's more trouble than I want. And before you recommend a better set of coilovers - this is not my project vehicle, it's my work truck, and I'm only interested in coilovers at all because they might fix my issues effectively and semi-affordably.

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    Re: How do I make this car into a truck?

    Ok, a little more looking and it seems like the Raceland coilovers are definitely not going to be able to preserve stock ride height.

    So am I'm thinking of getting the KYB GR-2 shocks ($250), and I found some springs that look like what I'm looking for - King raised springs ($439), and I'll get some 1/2" spacers for the rear struts as well.

    Well, I'll probably DIY the spacers actually.

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    Re: How do I make this car into a truck?

    Dude, what do you mean by turn a truck into a car? You understand that there are different loads on the shock absorbers, on the wheels. You will first lose time, secondly, you will lose a lot of money, and thirdly, if you are not a professional car repairman and if you do not have experience in assembling and modifying cars, then most likely you will have huge problems. But if you have a lot of money and you want to try something like this, then it's best to go to the service and do not waste time, and in general I'm curious to know what the reason is that you decided to turn the car into a truck. By the way, yes, it really sounds like a clickbait. The only thing that comes to my mind is to become a truck driver and go on long flights. Recently, it has become very fashionable and popular. In addition, it brings a good profit. When I read about it, I knew that the average national salary is $ 50,000 and it's pretty good, but in any case, this requires experience and requires an unusual driver's license, other categories of licenses, as well as passing exams. So, if you are planning this, then you will need to study a lot of information, more about this you can study on the website of tracts. Thank you in advance for your answer and good luck!

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    Re: How do I make this car into a truck?

    I have a small idea to solve your problem, I had a similar situation and I just distributed the weight in my trunk correctly, it helped me to keep my shock absorbers in good condition. Especially for this, I spent several days on the Internet looking for special bags in which I could put all my tools and opted for the CLC Custom Leathercraft-1165 Large Bigmouth Bag on the recommendation of the service at reviews /. These bags are very spacious and very comfortable. Try it, maybe it will also solve your problem.

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