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Thread: Body Wiring Harness Replacement - 2015 WRX

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    Body Wiring Harness Replacement - 2015 WRX

    Hi, all. I'm new to the forum, but hoping someone might have input for me on my issue.

    I have a 2015 WRX Limited. Bought it new, been driving it the past five years mostly without incident. Very happy with the car.

    Five days ago, shifting from 2nd into 3rd, the engine stopped responding to gas pedal input. I got it to the side of the road and it died. When I tried to restart, it would turn over, do the initial start rev, then peter out and die. The gas pedal did nothing.

    I got it towed to my local dealership, and after two days of diagnostics, they concluded that the body wiring harness had failed and needed to be replaced, a $6,200 repair estimate.

    In what research into the issue I was able to do today, a harness replacement does appear to be quite a labor intensive job, but I've never heard of this kind of failure before, and even the tech said it was not something he's seen much of before.

    The car is five years old, with 57k miles on it. I've never raced it, and any hard driving is generally a few seconds of full throttle to pass someone. It's in otherwise good shape. It's stock other than some all-weather floor mats I put in.

    I just paid $1500 for the 60,000 mile service a week prior. I would be sad to part with it, but I don't know if I can justify a $6,000 repair to it. Right now I'm planning on having it towed to a different dealership for a fresh diagnosis and second opinion.

    Has anyone had or heard of this issue before, or perhaps have some input for me?

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    Re: Body Wiring Harness Replacement - 2015 WRX

    We have never heard of that.

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