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Thread: Purchased an 02 Wrx and major problems

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    Purchased an 02 Wrx and major problems

    Well to start out, i found a cheap enough 2002 wrx for me to start out on. It’s a 5 speed, first stick but have driven others stick shifts which made this easy breezy for me.

    I made the mistake of trusting this kid and took his word for a lot of the things he said which was he said the last oil change was less than 1000 miles ago, checked it tonight and it’s empty. I’m stationed in Hawaii and would like to know the best oil to put into it. to address the next issue, power steering fluid is barren too.

    Now for the bigger issue which is open to debate. Car is overheating. He claimed the thermometer gets stuck, didn’t pay attention to the coolant temp on dash while driving but ac was blowing cold the entire time. When I went to check the oil and saw it was empty, noticed the piping to the radiator was vacuumed, kind of squeezed together and another person looking at it with me said that he could feel no coolant in there, but there was (some) coolant in the radiator.

    I texted the dude asking him about the coolant and he said the thermometer was stuck. I’m mechanically inclined to make this car work, just need some guidance as to what the **** I need to do. fetLife itunes

    Mileage is 116,000 if that’s to help any, I can get any info for you on the car, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Purchased an 02 Wrx and major problems

    @TrevorNoah welcome to the Subie family.

    Please let us know if we can be of any help to you.
    Without you, we cease to exist. Without your support, we stop growing. Without your involvement, we remain at a standstill.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to our organization and your creative ideas and support.

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