I bought a 2005 Subaru Forester 2.5x SOHC that had been sitting for a while. I cleaned it up-changed the oil, air filter, cabin filter and bought new tires for it. It runs so good and smooth you cant even tell it's running. I really like this car. I drove it 250 miles to a friends house. On my way back the flashing cruise control and check-engine light came on. So I just drove it home. A friend used an OB2 reader and it showed 2 codes. One for the MAF for which I cleaned with MAF spray cleaner. That fixed that code. Now I still have POO71. I replaced number 1 o2 sensor after making sure I had no vacuum/air leaks anywhere and P0071 still comes up. I have since bought OB2 (Autolink 319) from Amazon and erased codes. Every 40-50 miles it still comes on. I use high octane fuel because I read that can cause problems. I have rechecked for any airleaks to no avail. Does anyone know what it can be?