Vehicle in question is a 2004 Baja (turbo, 5 speed), ~220k miles

Please observe a moment of silence with me ... her engine seized a few days ago. I bought her new from the dealership over 14 years ago; she's my favorite car I've ever had.

I am wondering about the feasibility of replacing the engine myself - can anyone offer advice or insight? I have access to a shop with any tool I would need, and knowledgeable mechanics who don't mind offering advice (and even the occasional hand, if I need a third hand). I'm reasonably mechanically inclined: I've done lots of maintenance on her myself (at the shop I mentioned previously), including replacing hubs, drive axles, the turbo, and even the clutch (which is the biggest mechanic project Ive ever done). Still, most of my experience comes from working on THIS car, so I don't have all that much experience.

She is no beauty queen (she has picked up her fair share of dents and dings over the years), but I do love her and would prefer to keep driving her. The personal situation that makes this difficult is that, due my particular situation, I only need a car for about another year. I hate to buy another car, just to turn around and sell it a year from now. And I love driving my Baja. But I also don't want to sign myself up for too big of a project.

Also, how do I go about buying a replacement engine, getting it shipped to the shop, and what other parts would I need to plan on (or at least consider) replacing at the same time? I need to start pricing stuff, as I have no idea how much an engine costs!

I know this is a messy, vague, and wandering request ... thanks in advance for any light you can shed on the situation for me!