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Thread: Ambassador coupon

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    Re: Ambassador coupon

    Hey guys, I'm heading in tomorrow with my wife to a Seattle dealership to sign off on a '18 OB. Getting absolutely crushed with taxes (10.3%) and fees (+$650). Just found this great Subaru community and noted this thread. May be a long shot, but any help with an ambassador coupon would be monumentally helpful. Happy to show you my quote to verify and PIF by supporting this site as a lifer (will probably just end up doing that anyway though lol).

    edit: dear god it's 2:30 AM. So I'm actually heading in this afternoon to sign the papers.

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    Re: Ambassador coupon

    Hi all, new member here. After talking to several of my friends who own Subaru, decided to jump ship from Honda/Acura and going to purchase a Subaru. Does any of the ambassador on this forum still have a coupon available. Would greatly appreciate as my 13 months toddler has put a dent into my bank account but would love to still purchase a safe and reliable car to shuttle him to and from day care.


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