Here's a timeline of my WRX - I will try to keep updating. Sorry for some of the phone pics, I got married, moved, and the camera is somewhere packed away!

Bye to my first WRX: 2013

First bought:

Tinted: 2013

Vortext Generator: 2013

This was a weird phase: 2014

1st Winter. 08 wrx wheels and Snow tires: 2014

Spring and Coilovers:

A little more normal: 2015

Added Wheels: 18x9.5 + 38 on 265/35/18: 2015

OCAWD Meet 2015:

Got some sunshine and warmer weather this weekend- so I made a shift boot cover and added my cobb shift knob- 2015

Forgot I had these pics-2015

Been slacking and I'm moving so my good cameras are packed away- but here's some updated shots via the phone:

Added my lip: 2016

Finally got around to doing my headlights: Painted Satin black with demon eyes and Morimoto halos: 2016

Frosty Morning 2016:

Picked up a new daily:

So of course my battery died when I didn't drive it:

Anddd time to put the winter set up back on:

Thanks for checking it out!

IG: Crezzman