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Thread: 97 Subaru Legacy flexplate/torque converter

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    97 Subaru Legacy flexplate/torque converter

    I am looking for any help re-installing my transmission. I have the bolts & a new flexplate but I am unsure how they go in bc all the bolts were gone upon dis-assembly. It looks as though they go in from the back of the converter towards the flexplate however the bolts do not screw into the flexplate so I am unsure how this works. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have been a Subaru owner for two years & this is the first major repair I have undertaken. I would rather work on this car than ever drive another. Love the car. Thank you

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    I am not sure on the Subaru but every other vehicle I have worked on the bolt heads got word the motor and thread in to the torque converter some vehicles have a access panel to bolt the two together and others u have to remove the starter to get to the bolt holes

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    There should be an opening at the bottom of the bell housing to acces the bolts. The heads of the bolts should be toward the motor and thread into the converter.

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    Ah! This might help. I think I got it. I will have to go home & look as I am at the library. If this is the case, thank you so much. I cannot believe I missed something so simple. I thought I had to put the damn things on through the starter hole!

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