I met with a lot of people out there this year and besides a few hiccups such as a micro burst destroying our first tent friday night have to say things were rather successful. The 2010 Twin Turbo 370z project we did took 2nd place in it's class which had some stiff competition. The 2005 Mazda RX8 that we have done the work on took 3rd in it's class, and the 1990 mustang took a trophie from the elite class while being invited to the domestic performance building this year, Alejandro (driver of 2010 VW GTI for To The Limit Motorsportz) had the fastest Auto X time the entire weekend, with Cory (driver for To The Limit Motorsportz 2002 Honda S2000) showed off his skills with 3rd fastest time over all. We had many other customer cars there for display and lots of fun was had. I will work on getting some pictures up of the event that I have, however things were very busy that I didnt get many.