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    Update 11-29-2017: The Subaru Ascent was unveiled for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show!

    Update: 11-13-2014: The forum has been totally revamped for ease of use. We also added a new program called Rides to show off your Subaru. Our paid memberships now offer you much more for less. On top of that we also added a new *Lifetime Platinum Membership* that comes with a *FREE* Hoodie!

    Update: 4-27-2014: We have redone our store and added our brand new Hoodie & T-Shirt design. More new items will be coming in the future so please check back often.

    Update: 8-30-2012: We have added a new marketplace program that will allow you to buy and sell without ever leaving the site. It's super user friendly to use, and we are excited to be bringing this to you. Please click this link here > "Classifieds", or the navigation bar to check it out.

    Update: 3-28-2012: We have added live chat for our premium members about a month ago and everyone seems to really enjoy that feature. Free members can now add a small avatar. We also have started to build a rally car for the I.G.O.T.A. company, and some great new Vendors have signed on with us. We are growing at a nice and steady pace and thank each and everyone of you for the support you give us.

    Update: 1-7-2012: We have been hard at work adding new features to the forum for our members. These changes are to make the community easier to find information plus easier to make friends and learn. We have also finally released our new products to the world. So please check out our store.

    Update: 9-30-2011: For the last 3 months we have designed IGOTASUBARU.COM. We have been testing the forum with many new features, and will continue to add new features and update daily as we go.

    Please check back often for new announcements. Thanks once again for your support and donations to IGOTASUBARU.COM.

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